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AnBBL consist of teams in two concentrated parts of Norway. Setermoen teams attend the North Conference, while Hamar & Oslo teams attend the South Conference.

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Presented by Team Anarchy

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Apr. 21st, 2018
Keffo Kup XVIII Finished
da Results are in

Stay tuned for our next tournament!
- The Ref
Jan. 30th, 2018 - old news
Keffo Kup XVIII
dA dates for #KeffoKup18 are settled:

Day 1 - Saturday April
Day 2 - Sunday April

More info to come!!

Stay tuned!

ask us at
- The Ref
Jan. 8th, 2018 - old news
Åker NS win Nellie's League
Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring defeat both Lightspeed Champions and the theory of general relativity by winning 3-2 in the final game of the season. The game was about to go into overtime when Marx ripped the ball from Alysheba's sure hands, granting Luxemburg the chance to score the winning touchdown.

As well as the honour of owning the golden juggs of Nellie, Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring was granted 100,000 gold coins.

Runner up Lightspeed Champions got to take home the slighty smaller silver juggs of Nellie and a useful 60,000 gold. Børstad Beers and Underworld Overlords has been awarded 30,000 gold each.

Hume is awarded Nellie's league MVP offense
Alamo is awarded Nellie's league MVP defense

Before the league final, the Lightspeed Champions was on a impressive 8 match win streak. The wood elves sustained only 3 touchdowns total in their first 9 matches.
- Kyrre
Jan. 8th, 2018 - old news
Nellie's Curse
Unfortunately, it turns out that the rumors of the health problems linked to Pubben Nellie are true. One random lineman in each of the teams that completed Nellie's league has caught the awful side effects of spending too much time at the pub. The player will suffer from the effects of Nellie's Curse until the day they die.

Like many of the patrons at Pubben Nellie, a player suffering Nellie's Curse gets the skills Decay and Foul Appearance.

The following players suffer from Nellie's Curse:
Desert Orchid
Simon Op
H.P. Lovecraft

Due to the persistent nature of every one frequenting the establishment, any player suffering from Nellie's Curse will not take no for an answer and can never be retired.
- Kyrre
Jan. 3rd, 2018 - old news
Nellie's League Comes to an End
As 2017 has come to an abrupt end, Puben Nellie will host the league finals on Sunday 7th on January. Since Underworld Overlord was unable to break the laws of general relativity, Lightspeed Champions will be the first of the contender of the match.

This was settled in Lightspeed Champions - Underworld Overlords (Nellie´s League, semi-final). Rumor has it that head coach Hannibal Hector disbanded the team after the defeat.

The opponent is yet to be decided due to difficulties arranging a semi final.

In case Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring - Børstad Beers (Nellie´s League, semi-final) is not played by 5.30 pm on Sunday, the other contender will be decided as follows:

Coin toss between Børstad Beers and Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring
In case of a failed coin toss, the contender will be selected in league order.

Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring
Underworld Overlords
Børstad Beers
Crimson Tide
Ankerskogen Blodbaderklubb
Wampire Counts von Norway
Dyscalculic Seven

Or any other way at the commissioner's whimsical discretion.

After the finals, there will be awards for winning the league, MVP defense and MVP Offense.

In other news, some people say staying at Puben Nellie for prolonged periods of time could be bad for your health.
- Kyrre

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