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Welcome to the AnBBL

Anarchy Blood Bowl League (AnBBL) offers a way to play and register your table top matches of Blood Bowl in a tournament setting, keep track of player progression and set (and beat) mind blowing (more or less) records!

AnBBL is Commished by Team Anarchy
Presenting Team Anarchy

Will you win the AnBBL Champions' Trophy?
Elite Conferences & playoffs explained.

AnBBL mainly consist of teams originating from two regions of Norway and due to long distances the AnBBL has two conferences. Teams up north attend the North Conference while southern based teams attend the South Conference.

Through the Elite Seasons or the Champions Cup coaches battle to win the ultimate AnBBL Chamipons' Trophy, to get their name on the AnBBL Champions Totem and to become reigning AnBBL Champions!

#If you want to play in the AnBBL, click my picture (on top of our AnBBL Champions Totem) to send an email.

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AnBBL Champion's Totem

Coin toss= won on cointoss and not by match

AnBBL are open to all, Fritz von List explains:Semi Pro Seasons explained.
Elite Conferences explained.
Keffo Kup explained.
Nellies League explained.
ROTYL explained.
Minor Tournaments mentioned.
Champions Cup Explained.

"All roads lead to Rome" they say. Well there's also many ways to becoming AnBBL Champion.

The shortest route is to prepare your team through various tournaments and then enter an elite season when they're ready to win! This is also the most common route, so expect to meet some obstacles.

Another option (taking the long road) is to get your team a ticket to the Champions Cup, by winning any AnBBL tournament, and becoming the ultimate Champion when all other teams with a Champions Cup ticket have been knocked out!

Presented by Team Anarchy
Presented by Team Anarchy
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Nov. 12th, 2019 - old news
Info & News New
Fritz von List has updated our Info & News content with explanatory lessons about the AnBBL.

Also, the AnBBL Champions Totem has grown, with Kvaløya Krøshers taking top position.
- The Ref
Nov. 9th, 2019 - old news
Elite Season XII finished!
The Final Results Season XII are announced, congrats to the winners and to the MVPs!

Tuu managed to do best this season, both on offence and defence, what a player!

Two other players tied for the defence MVP award, congrats to the bone crushing George mcBrewski and the savage Sevven
- The Ref
Nov. 9th, 2019 - old news
Winner announced!
Cointoss* says Kvaløya Krøshers is the winner!

*Link only work for facebook AnBBL group members.
- The Ref
Nov. 7th, 2019 - old news
Elite Season XII will finish this week!
The last sentence of the AnBBL playoff rules will come to effect this week, as there will be held a super exciting AnBBL-coin cointoss to determine the winner of the Elite Season XII AnBBL Champions' Final.

Both teams have had ample time to find a way to play the match, but all attempts have been futile.
- The Ref
Sep. 13th, 2019 - old news
Behold, a new Champion!
Royal Apothecary Society enters the Champions Cup, THE contest for the ultimate AnBBL Champion Title, after winning Nellie’s Golden Juggs at the 2018 Nellie League Tournament.
- The Ref

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AnBBL Champions
Keffo Kup 18
Nellie's Golden Juggs
RookieOfTheYear XVII
League Administrators

Latest matches:
Semi Pro XVI, semipro
  2    Hashut’s (Mad)Hat...
  1    Løiten Liniemænd
Semi Pro XVI, fastelaven
  1    Low-tier Gods
  0    Løiten Liniemænd
Semi Pro XVI, semipro
  0    Hashut’s (Mad)Hat...
  1    Løiten Liniemænd
Semi Pro XVI, I
  1    Hashut’s (Mad)Hat...
  4    Cleveland Brown R...
Semi Pro XVI, round 1
  0    Low-tier Gods
  1    Brass Krushers
Semi Pro XVI, sebs 3
  1    Løiten Liniemænd
  0    Low-tier Gods
Semi Pro XVI, Søndagsbowl
  1    50 Blades of Grey
  0    Low-tier Gods
Semi Pro XVI, Outland
  0    Low-tier Gods
  0    Hashut’s (Mad)Hat...
Semi Pro XVI, Kulturkveld
  0    50 Blades of Grey
  2    Hashut’s (Mad)Hat...
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