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Match result

Champions Cup, First Sub Finals
Team badge
Lustria Ancients

gate: 35 000
1 TD score 5
cas score
Team badge
Warpstone Warriors


profile Tehenhauin dead
TD Scorers
Theodore MicEtiny Bounty (100000 gp)
Theodore MicEtiny Bounty (100000 gp)
Basil "Bird" MicEtiny Bounty (40000 gp)
Wizzy Fastfeet
Wizzy Fastfeet
Foulers (no cas)

profile Khor-gar Khan
Badly Hurt'ers
Stitch "Iron Man" Macehand
Rattus Norwegiknus
Rattus Norwegiknus
Serious Injurers
Rattus Norwegiknus

profile Xohtl
Wizzy Fastfeet
Completions By
Basil "Bird" MicEtiny Bounty (40000 gp)
Com "Petit" Ion LeMoux
Wizzy Fastfeet
Interceptions By

profile Khor-gar Khan
MVP awards to
Mickey MacSlicer
  Sustained Injuries  

victim healed by apoth
Miss Next Game

profile Tehenhauin dead
Ratatoillbaill McFat dead
Result added May 23rd, 2017

Match notes
The weather is nice at the Lustria stadion, and the fans crowd the stands.

Warpstone Warriors wins the cointoss and kicks the first half.

The crowdy fans invade the pitch! Leaving most Lustria WildCats players face down stunned..

The first touchdown is for the skinks by Tehenhauin, as Stitch "Iron Man" Macehand gets eager and fails his block causing a premature turnover. The Ancients have recovered from the pitchinvation and kicked some skaven butt.

A touchback later, and Theodore MicEtiny runs the ball back to the lizzardian endzone for a TD.

The next touchdown is an outrageously fantastic play, were Wizzy Fastfeet blitz, dodging into 4 tacklezones, killing Tehenhauin, followed by Basil "Bird" MicEtiny dodging into 3 tacklezones, picking up the bounced ball, dodging out again and passing it to Theodore MicEtiny for a last turn touchdown!

The first half ends 1-2.

Then a quick snap by the rats, and Basil "Bird" MicEtiny's newly aquired sprinting skills is put to good use for a one turn touchdown!

The next two skaven touchdowns are done by the two headed agility master, resulting in a 1-5 victory to Warpstone Warriors.

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