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Match result

Semi Pro XV, witchburning
Team badge
Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring

gate: 32 000
2 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Motbydelig Horde 1994


Hume Bounty (100000 gp)
TD Scorers
Barag Galopp Bounty (100000 gp)
Barag Galopp Bounty (100000 gp)
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
Barag Galopp Bounty (100000 gp)

Serious Injurers
Ori Thaggorakuzkulaz Bounty (50000 gp) dead

Ori Thaggorakuzkulaz Bounty (50000 gp) dead

Completions By
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
Barag Galopp Bounty (100000 gp)
  Sustained Injuries  

Miss Next Game
Grobi Drungul Bounty (20000 gp)

Godwin dead
victim healed by apoth
Result added January 27th, 2018

Match notes
The seventh match between Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring and Motbydelig Horde 1994. The chaos dwarf side has a slight edge in the matchup having one 2, tieing 3, and losing 1 before this game. A dwarven stone pitch gave the teams extra bouncy balls and increased risk of serious injuries to worry about. The dark elves kicked off the ball and immediately went on the offense. The chaos dwarfs seemed more intent on repeating the clean pitch success of Motbydelig Horde 1994 - Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring (Semi Pro XIV, semipro). Poor Godwin, cursed by Nellie, was slain in the very first block of the game. Åker's apothecary was could do nothing to piece together the decayed lineman. Nellies MVP offense, Hume, did what he could to avenge his dead team-mate, by sacking a poorly covered hobgoblin ball carrier. Aquinas picked up the ball and passed to Abieshuh for the first touchdown.

Using an improved cage and a better ball carrier, Motbydelig Horde 1994 was able to equalize the score before halftime.

In the second half, a couple of passes and a dump-off gave Hume the opportunity to score another touchdown for Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring.

By the end of the match, Barag Galopp, scored his second touchdown in the game after injuring a dark elf who foolishly stood in the way. The play was actually set up by rookie Zhatan Gabalaz, when he blitzed the dark elf which had sacked and knocked out Azgali a few minutes earlier.

Motbydelig Horde 1994 was thereby able to end Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring's 9 matches long win streak. But can anyone actually beat team(aka) anymore?

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