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Match result

Team badge
Kemmler's List

gate: 27 000
0 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Royal Apothecary Society

TD Scorers
Apothecary Oni'jus
Foulers (no cas)

profile Graf von Wolfenburg Bounty (200000 gp)
profile Graf von Wolfenburg Bounty (200000 gp)
profile Graf von Wolfenburg Bounty (200000 gp)
Freiherr Ernst Bär
Saufkumpan Siegfried
Badly Hurt'ers
Pepita Angar
fans / random event

Serious Injurers
Ramstein the Gorgeus

Gus Gangrene
Completions By
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
Apothecary Oni'jus
  Sustained Injuries  

victim regenerated
Niggling Injury
-1 MA
victim regenerated
Result added November 13th, 2018

Match notes
Kemmler's List hired an extra Igor, just in case.

Royal Apothecary Society induced a bribe, a Bloodweiser-babe, an assistant coach and a cheerleader. The latter proved to be wise: Both teams sorely needed extra Re Rolls during the game, because of a lot off Double Skulls.

Razorclaw stalled a bit, but scored in T7 in the first half. Royal Apothecary Society set up deep to secure their most valuable players afterwards, but not deep enough... Graf von Wolfenburg injured the last werewolf in T8...

The second half the soaking wet ball was in a middle of a lot of players for most of the half. Kemmler's List injured quite a lot of their opponents, but it didn't help them: In the seventh turn Apothecary Oni'jus broke loose and settled the score to 2-0 to Royal Apothecary Society.


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