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Semi Pro XVI, lørdagskos
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The Golden Stars

gate: 25 000
4 TD score 1
cas score
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50 Blades of Grey


Miss Fortune
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Serious Injurers

fans / random event

Miss Fortune
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  Sustained Injuries  

-1 MA
victim healed by apoth
Result added January 25th, 2020

Match notes
In the time of planning, nobody thought much about this match. However, due to the previous display of these grey gobbos a lot of people showed up to support the relatively new team. It could not eclipse the fan favorites, though. Ripper and Nobbla showed up to lend a much needed hand. Babes, bribes and strange apothecaries were brought along. Sadly, in all the commotion, they must not have remember the sacrifice to Nuffle. Because they could not manage to do anything on the field.

The entire thing started fine, with Bugga having the ball right on the enemy line, but felt dizzy, and were swarmed by some particularly nasty elves. Their luck continued in this manner, and apart from a lucky toss in the eight round, the gobbos were not able to do the last dodge over the touchdown line.

The more experienced elves had this in hand from the get go. Patiently waiting for the inevitable fail, and easily moved the ball across the field. Time and time again. The trolls and other machinations could never catch up, and those that did could not hit the nimble creatures.

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