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Match result

Season XIII, round 5
Team badge
Hooves of Hashut

gate: 40 000
0 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Ratten Kameraten

TD Scorers
profile Lothar von Rinnstein
profile Der Rattenführer Bounty (70000 gp)
Foulers (no cas)

Marduk Firemane Bounty (100000 gp) dead
Badly Hurt'ers
profile Rudiger Rattus Bounty (120000 gp)

Serious Injurers
profile Rudiger Rattus Bounty (120000 gp)
profile Der Rattenführer Bounty (70000 gp)
profile Rudiger Rattus Bounty (120000 gp)
Completions By
profile Vetle Werfer Bounty (20000 gp)
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
profile Lothar von Rinnstein
  Sustained Injuries  

Hammurabi Bounty (50000 gp)
Miss Next Game
profile Torgrim Tyn Bounty (40000 gp)

victim healed by apoth
Marduk Firemane Bounty (100000 gp) dead
Result added March 23rd, 2020

Match notes
The rats won both the fame and the coin toss, and chose to receive.
Ratten Kameraten broke through the center, and two brave gutter runners waited for the pass from Vetle Werfer. And sure enough: In T2 the pass came, and Lothar von Rinnstein scored. Hooves of Hashut received, but the ball got loose. Der Rattenführer took advantage of the situation, and scored in T6, increasing the score to 0-2. The CDs carried the ball on their right flank, and a screen of dwarves protected the ball carrier. Hannibal Hector attacked in a kamikaze blitz by the doctrine "The losses can never be high enough" and despite three dices against, the ball broke loose, ending the first half 0-2.

In the second half Rudiger Rattus was leathal, creating 3 casualties in just 8 blocks in total. Hooves of Hashut threw 40 blocks in all against Ratten Kameraten, who in return threw a total of 28. The dwarves had in general AV9 and the rats AV7, bur somehow the casualty war was still won by the rats- Nuffle (and Hannibal Hector) doesn´t care about statistics!

The game was fun, though!

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Keffo Kup 18
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RookieOfTheYear XVII
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