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Semi Pro XVI, Nellie tirsdag
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50 Blades of Grey

gate: 26 000
2 TD score 0
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Løiten Liniemænd


TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)

fans / random event
foul by Ole
Badly Hurt'ers
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  Sustained Injuries  

victim regenerated
-1 MA
Result added June 23rd, 2020

Match notes
26000 people showed up to watch flying midgets today, as halflings and goblins were to meet in the field. The star fanatic Fungus the Loon were also present, to give the grey-skinned gobbos a slight edge. The halflings apparently bought a masterful chef with their deep pockets.

Luckily the trolls were fed before the match, so only a single reroll fell to it in the first half. The goblins started off kicking, and somehow got hold of the ball around round five. Nobody knows for sure, as everybody's attention were fixed on the crazy effective looney, who were trying to saw through a fallen treeman after cutting a swab through some unlucky 'lings. Definitely the star of the match for the goblin side.

The referee agreed and let him stay on the field for another turn, when the call was argued during the touchdown by Mr. Pogo.

The shady grey's had no intention of stopping, and tossed their winged creature, along with the ball, just one square short of the end zone. Allowing them to walk it in on turn two.
Although the people were sad to see the saw finally sent off, along with the goblin coach, when he refused to pay a bribe.. It was soon forgotten when Fungus the Loon took to the stage for the second half.

The trolls were a lot hungrier now, and the entire team seemed distracted by the chef, who took away all rerolls.

This could've made for an interesting turn of the match, but the halflings were too battered, and the goblins were tired, or bored.

The rest of the match was a messy pile of short folks mainly pushing each other around, and rolling on the ground. Both teams did get two more rerolls, but ultimately this did not help things.

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