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Semi Pro XVI, Nellie søndag
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Low-tier Gods

gate: 25 000
1 TD score 1
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50 Blades of Grey


The 90's
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)

Bloab Rotterspawned
Town Drunk, Reforged
Badly Hurt'ers
Serious Injurers

Rotten Gran`Nogors
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The Ryu of blubber
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  Sustained Injuries  
Result added June 29th, 2020

Match notes
A foul stench of rotten flesh, and unwashed goblin filled the stadium at Nellie's tonight. Hard to say which was the worst. But this did not stop 25000 people from showing up. The goblin chainsaw Halvan was apparently under investigation by the NAF, and seemed to hold back a little during the game. The crowd was quite annoyed with the ref at kickoff, and he seemed to think it was best to give the teams some leeway, adding a bribe to each team. This saw the goblins at three total. Fungus was so intoxicated this match, that it might even have affected the beast. He failed his first block turn one both halves. And in turn two from nurgle, the beast just laid down half asleep.
This allowed the gobbo Doffen to run up to the 90's for a double against, which made the ball scatter into the field, turn three. The chainsaw wielding maniac seemed to take it easy, and only cut the opposition enough to put them in the ko box. Soon both teams seemed to have very little presence on the field. Yet, no significant injuries were suffered.

The goblins started second half aggressively, but when Blodstrupmoen was in position, Ugga failed to understand that he wanted to be thrown, leaving the winged creature to the mercy of his opponents, whom really had none to give.

The 90's came back with a song, and ran the ball to touchdown turn five, second half.

The nurgle coach cleverly rearranged his defence, perfectly, on the next kickoff, making life horribly difficult for the poor goblins. The 90's felt his foul god whisper in his ear, believing this was the time for the perfect throw. It seems this was poor judgement on both the coach, player and god. He missed his mark, bouncing the ball across 3 stands, to the fans amusement, before coming to a stop on the other side of the goblin endzone.
The rest of the match was a convoluted mess, making the ball scatter back and forth over the field three times. Finally ening up in Blodstrupmoen hands, who proceeded to abandon the incompetent troll, and ran the ball in for a touchdown, turn 15.

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