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Team Anarchy
Drink Keffo Koffee

Match result

Season VI, Keffo Kup Second Round
Team badge
Firey Tigers

gate: 30 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Duftham Skulltakers


Ed Primadonna Bounty (20000 gp)
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
mercenary / fans / random event
mercenary / fans / random event
mercenary / fans / random event

Ford Givento
Serious Injurers
Borim dead

profile Sikan D. Stroy dead
profile Muponth Estage Bounty (20000 gp)
profile Remy Eyes
profile Remy Eyes
Completions By
Borim dead
Luga retired
Interceptions By

Ford Givento
MVP awards to
Khorne Colossus Hall of Fame Bounty (370000 gp)
  Sustained Injuries  

Owling W. Pain
Miss Next Game
-1 AV
victim healed by apoth
Result added September 20th, 2008

Match notes
Duftham Skulltakers wins cointoss, receives in first half.

Firey Tigers use their wizard for a loose ball, the catchers pick it up and run it for the endzone.

In turn 8 second half Galder scores the evening touchdown, as Remy Eyes trips on a GFI when using the illegal substitution card, sneaking in from the endzone to assist a blitz on the ballcarrier. Stupid move, easy TD..

Ed Primadonna runs the ball alone downfield alone (stupid catcher move) and is blitzed out of bounce by Khorne Colossus - the ball is loose and the Duftham Skulltakers runs it steadily for a TD in turn 4.

As Duftham Skulltakers used a lot of time reading the rosters, there was only 6 minutes left of the 2 hour limit when Firey Tigers was ready to receive the ball and use their 4 remaining turns for a TD.. Then the kickoff result was kicking team reorganize their players, and the ball landed on the LOS... So with little time left, Firey Tigers admitted the defeat to the stronger team.

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