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Match result

Season III, SC round 5
Team badge
Elve Elegante

gate: 21 000
2 TD score 3
cas score
Team badge
Lords of the Pit


profile Fluffy Papaya Hall of Fame Bounty (300000 gp)
profile Fluffy Papaya Hall of Fame Bounty (300000 gp)
TD Scorers
profile Gurgoile Bounty (160000 gp) dead
profile Gurgoile Bounty (160000 gp) dead
profile Gurgoile Bounty (160000 gp) dead
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
profile Thrainnaught
Serious Injurers

Ihlaon Throwmaster
profile Asbadd Branchgleam dead
profile Alatuah Battlepotion Hall of Fame Bounty (20000 gp)
Tibagapr Cloudbuck dead
Completions By
Clauster Bumm
Interceptions By

profile Alatuah Battlepotion Hall of Fame Bounty (20000 gp)
MVP awards to
profile Thrainnaught
  Sustained Injuries  
Result added July 19th, 2007

Match notes
Due to loosing Elit E. Guy, Lords of the Pit' teamvalue is reduced enough to make them the underdogs, allowing them the bloodweiser babe inducement.

First half:
Elve Elegante win the cointoss, and select to receive in the first half. The Lords of the Pit kick is out of bounds - touchback! The pictch is also invaded, stunning Stan Ding and Secon D. Bes making a hole on the left widezone and weakening the right side of Lords of the Pit' defencive line. Tibagapr Cloudbuck blitz Mun Itch, Tellill Grandjewel and Fluffy Papaya then rush trough the hole in the already weakened defencive line. On the other side, Ihlaon Throwmaster has passed the ball to Asbadd Branchgleam, who rush trought together with Ahriic.

Lords of the Pit' Gurgoile blitz Asbadd Branchgleam making him drop the ball, stalling the offence slightly, but Fluffy Papaya runs to the endzone, and Asbadd Branchgleam gets the ball back and pass it to him - a TOUCHDOWN! 1-0 in turn 2.

The weather change and it's suddenly very sunny. Will this affect the Elve Elegante passing game? - apparently not, read on.

Tibagapr Cloudbuck blitz Mun Itch and takes the ball back into a set up cage, after the fans happily toss the ball directly into his hands. Lords of the Pit tries to send a gouhl to cover Fluffy Papaya, but leaves him open when failing a GFI. Alatuah Battlepotion sieze the opportunity, a TOUCHDOWN pass! 2-0 in turn 4.

Weather change again, this time into a blizzard. Will this then affect the Elve Elegante passing game?

After a touchback Mun Itch holds the ball, but Ahriic push him and strip the ball. He picks up the ball afterwards, and starts running it to safety. But due to the ice he fails the GFI, and drops the ball... Luckily in the direction of Tibagapr Cloudbuck who catch it.

Cruncher then blitz and the ball is loose, Gurgoile picks it up. He is caged in, but Roth Mann and Cruncher opens him a hole. He runs for the endzone, and is only 5 paces from the endzone when the Elve Elegante defence stop him. But Mun Itch gets the ball back after a blitz from Secon D. Bes, and he can run it and hand it to Gurgoile who is waiting in the endzone. TOUCHDOWN! 2-1 in turn 7.

Though Lords of the Pit gets to rearrange the players on the kickoff, all Elve Elegante players dodge out of the marauding linesmen. Tibagapr Cloudbuck completes a pass for his second improvement roll!

Second half:
2 goals to Lords of the Pit, otherwise BORING! not!

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