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Match result

Season III, NC round 4
Team badge
Lucky 13

gate: 17 000
2 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Ballistic Angels


profile Proripere
profile Maturare Bounty (70000 gp)
TD Scorers
profile Alfarinn Bounty (40000 gp)
Foulers (no cas)

profile Monstrum Bounty (20000 gp)
profile Obstare retired
Badly Hurt'ers
mercenary / fans / random event
mercenary / fans / random event

profile Bellum
profile Saevus Bounty (20000 gp)
Serious Injurers

profile Exactus
profile Tormentis Verberare Bounty (20000 gp)
profile Exactus
profile Tormentis Verberare Bounty (20000 gp)
profile Exactus
Completions By
Interceptions By

profile Monstrum Bounty (20000 gp)
MVP awards to
Snoldar Bounty (20000 gp)
  Sustained Injuries  
-1 MA
profile Hrolf Hall of Fame Bounty (320000 gp)
-1 AV
Soren dead
Result added August 2nd, 2007

Match notes
Being the underdogs Ballistic Angels is given a helping hand by the famous Morg'n'Thorg.

Lucky 13 catches the initial kick-off, and scores as swiftly as only lucky rats can.
On the following kick-off by Lucky 13, Yargh and Morg'n'Thorg forms a mighty wedge for the ball-carrying Alfarinn, slowly pushing their way into skaven ground. Alfarinn breakes the line for the TD just before halftime

During the halftime-show the 6000 BA-hooligans empties the beerstands.

As the ref blows his whistle to start the second half, the BA-fans erupts into a fierce riot (again!). All the ruccus on the bleechers confuses Yargh causing him to fall when attempting a multiple block to really open Lucky 13's defensive line.
This failed block really messed up Ballistic Angels's game, allowing Lucky 13 to score.

Morg'n'Thorg gave the fans (and BA's coach) some thing to cheer over as he dances over the goal line to even the score to 2-2

Yargh's disturbing stench prevented an easy Lucky 13 TD, forcing Rattus Maximouse to try a cunning move, wich failed at the sound of the whistle.

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