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Jan. 27th, 2014
"There's again vacant spots on our great team. You need to be ordinary, humanoid and at great health. It's a plus if you've got good vanes." [winks] - Haluelie von Coldcurse

"We had to retire some of our most trusted companions today, to meet the expenses our team have had in the latter.
Ike Lonesome has retired to a luxury resort, lonesome no more, his niggling injuries combined with sallary demands beeing decisive.
Per F. Ecdamond and Capped Im'ome are both joining in retirement, due to similar circumsstances.

On the happy front we gladly announce that Hank Le-Broke will still be a part of the team, his skillsett and most uplifting attitude overshadowing his strugles with movement and salary costs. For now...

There will be open tryouts for our team in the next few games, no particular skills needed!" - The Ref
- The Ref
July 31st, 2009
Vacant spot on our great team!
"There's a vacant spot on our team. You need to be ordinary, humanoid, at great health and willing to obey any orders no matter how strange they may seem. It's a plus if you've got good vanes. Slurrp" - Haluelie von Coldcurse
- The Ref
Oct. 19th, 2008
Lovely norse blood!
"Hank Le-Broke served a delicious dish after this seasons return match against Ballistic Angels, as he used the blood draining tool (secretly hidden inside his walking stick) on Aslak. We had a good giggle in our dugout as the hired apothecary wondered why he could not save the newly recruited berserker." Blodberg von Cryptchant
- The Ref
Oct. 4th, 2008
Blood Lustivities / playoffs collision
For some reason we missed the littel print stating that the playoffs for NC Alpha is at the same time as our beloved Blood Lustivity Festival.

The Blood Lustivity Festival is an annual party were all human like creatures are welkomed to join us and our relatives in the best parties known to man, providing all a man could want from life.

The Blood Lustivity Festival is also some what a boot camp for new vampire recruits..

Anyways - feel free to attend the festivities!

Oh - and the point - The Blood Lustivity Festival is far more important to us than winning the NC Championship, wich means we will not attend this seasons playoffs. We will finish the seasons matches though, if we manage in the little time left before the Blood Lustivity Festival begins.
- The Ref
Aug. 18th, 2008
New player
Huge proffits from the tickets and a bounty cashed in by Kanonnfo Der McBlunt (killing Iggipiggi) gave us just enough money to welkome a new vamp to our team. Sara von Coffinclouder will surely contribute with her strength, skill and calming eyes.
- The Ref
July 22nd, 2008
Full Focus!
"I've decided to take up my biggest challenge yet - To win the NC Alpha group coaching a vampire team" - The Ref

"Our mentor, The Ref, has decided to give us all his attention for the upcoming season! This gives us confidence enough to enter the NC ALPHA group. We've had the opportunity to do this twice by the Wildcard rules already, but both times we were to busy bi.. ehr, getting new reqruits for our team..." - Blodberg von Cryptchant

"Nah - The other coaches won't dare to enter the alpha season, not when they see that I'm in!" - Hank Le-Broke
- The Ref
Mar. 18th, 2008
Uniform Arrival
All the uniforms have arrived! A photoshoot will be set up within the next days.
- The Ref
Jan. 15th, 2008
A few more uniforms
We have received a few more uniforms, but still we lack 2 thirds of them. If we make it in time, we'll go for the elite division for season V.
- The Ref
Nov. 21st, 2007
Wildcard? Think not!
When asked if they would use the wildcard rule, taking Purple Bluebirds' spot in the NC playoffs, the unified respons was:
"We're not dressed properly for such an arrangement, but hopefully we'll have a brand new wardrobe by season IV."
- The Ref
Oct. 19th, 2007
Longest crowdsurf!
Illan Fothongriel went on the longest crowdsurf in AnBBL history, when Wilhelm Chaney sent him out of the endzone in Army of Zombies - BATtling Cobras (Season IV, Semi Pro).

"Well, one moment I was in the endzone thinkin about the cheer I would get by catching that perfect pass from Blodberg von Cryptchant. The next moment the ball bounce of my helmet and Chaney sends me flyin. Did'nt imagine the crowd would cheer just as much, but they did! They used me as a banner for the remainder of the match..." Illan Fothongriel states in the post match intervue.
- The Ref
Oct. 3rd, 2007
Bloodless heathens!
Why does the AnBBL Staff let teams with no running blood in their vains play this game? Argh! Ehem.. anyways - a great game in BATtling Cobras - Horrid SkinEaters (Season IV, SemI Pro) - a match that could tip both ways but tipped ours. Yippi!
- The Ref
Aug. 30th, 2007
Anonymous Bloodlusty Vampires
We've hired a new assistant coach to help our vamps consentrate on different stuff than the bloodsucking. The newly formed ABV is a group with the intention to help the vampires defeat their craving for blood.

After the first known meeting of the ABV, 7 blood drained bodies where found in the vicinity of the meeting location...

BATtling Cobras and Blodberg von Cryptchant's response to theese news was: "No comment"
- The Ref
Aug. 26th, 2007
Oh, so thirsty
The strong scent of thrall blood was to much for the vampires in da Sneaky Runtz - BATtling Cobras (Season IV, Semi Pro), so they helped themselves to the running buffet. With clever tactics the thralls lured their masters into good positions to outsmart da Sneaky Runtz' defence. However, in the last turns da Sneaky Runtz had only themselves to blame for not tie'ing the game, going for that extra completion.

The new team captain, Blodberg von Cryptchant, had this to say after the game: "With this win we're where we're supposed to be, at top of the league. Ehrm, did I mention we only do this for the fun of it?"
- The Ref
May 19th, 2007
Here for the fun!
"I just want to ensure you all that we're only here for the fun of playing BloodBowl. We're not here for all the tasty blood running through all them delicious veins of yours..."
- quote by Zanirik von Cryptchant when confronted by the AnBBL press.
- The Ref
BATtling Cobras
Race:  Vampire
Coach:  The Ref

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