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Asbadd Branchgleam

Asbadd Branchgleamdead
High Elf Catcher,
Elve Elegante


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 11
Touchdowns: 25
Casualties: 4
MVP awards: 4
Star Player Points: 114
MA ST AG AV Skills
8 3 5 7 Catch, +AG, Dodge, Block, Nerves of Steel, Leap

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Zebrano Zephyrs - Elve Elegante (Season VII, Semi Pros).
Memories of Asbadd Branchgleam;
- His nerves where of steel!
- Usually scored 1 or 2 TD/Match
- His gloves where made by poor people! They actually kept making these gloves to honour his spirit, sending them out to even more poor people..
- His girlfriends ended up in an enormous chick-fight at his funeral, when they met each other for the first time..

Best accomplishments:
- Turning out to be Elve Elegante's most valuable player!?
- Ended up with 114 SPP!!
- Not beeing in his own funeral (We think he was drinking with the Foresters up Heaven!).

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