The AnBBL Coin
Team Anarchy
Drink Keffo Koffee


Undead High Liche Priest,
AnBBL Staff

   Roster number: 2  

Value: 190,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 0
Extra SPP: 67  
Star Player Points: 67
MA ST AG AV Skills
1 4 1 10 Necromancer, Scarab Swarm, Regeneration, Coffin, Block, Mighty Blow, +ST, +AV, AnBBL Co-Commish

Sustained Injuries: Lost both his legs,  2 niggling inj.

Plays for AnBBL Staff with number 2.

Co Commish
The Scarab Swarms give him +D6 to the movement value each turn.
Lost both his legs means he may not choose the +MA from any improvement roll.
"You'll never walk again!"

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Keffo Kup 18
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RookieOfTheYear XVII
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