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Match result

Season III, NC round 3
Team badge
Kadrin Kazad Nutcrackers

gate: 23 000
3 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge
Ballistic Angels


B'kage Backbreaker Bounty (20000 gp) dead
B'kage Backbreaker Bounty (20000 gp) dead
Ballur Zonaskall Bounty (20000 gp)
TD Scorers
profile Busbyr Bounty (70000 gp)
Foulers (no cas)

Waks Urbi Kiniline Bounty (20000 gp)
Canu Grayslay dead
Canu Grayslay dead
Badly Hurt'ers

Serious Injurers
Thorhall Bounty (20000 gp)

mercenary / fans / random event

Ikassa Ironfist Mbaln Bounty (20000 gp)
Ikassa Ironfist Mbaln Bounty (20000 gp)
Completions By
profile Hrodgeir dead
profile Busbyr Bounty (70000 gp)
profile Hrolf Hall of Fame Bounty (320000 gp)
Interceptions By

Canu Grayslay dead
MVP awards to
profile Hrodgeir dead
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
profile Busbyr Bounty (70000 gp)

Tørnar Hardass dead
Niggling Injury
-1 ST
profile Hrodgeir dead
Result added June 27th, 2007

Match notes
Beeing the underdog, Ballistic Angels has 380 000 gp to use on inducements. This is spendt on two bloodweiser babes, a wandering apothecary, one extra team training reroll and to hire "chainsaw-wielding" star player Helmut Wolff

Kadrin Kazad Nutcrackers wins the coin toss and will receive in second half. Tørnar Hardass place the kick well, and after a few turns Kadrin Kazad Nutcrackers's defence steel the ball and Canu Grayslay rush for an early TD (by dwarf kicking team standard).

On the following kickoff, Kadrin Kazad Nutcrackers's fans throw a rock at the Norse QB, Busbyr, wich is saved from certain death only by the superior skills of the hired apothecary. Ballistic Angels by Busbyr evens the score to 1 - 1, but Kadrin Kazad Nutcrackers and B'kage Backbreaker scores another TD sends 'em back up in the lead.

A riot brakes out when Ballistic Angels has to kick the ball in 2.nd half, but this does not affect the game. This is the fourth time Ballistic Angels fans starts a riot, and it is suspected that fighting opponent fanclubs is what they attend the Ballistic Angels games for.

In second half The Humble Rumble is placed on the field, rolling over many a proned Ballistic Angels player, knocking them out. This helps the dwarfs controll the 2.nd half, leaving only 3 brave Norsemen on the field when Ballur Zonaskall score the winning TD in turn 7.

With two turns left it was possible to score a 2.nd TD for Ballistic Angels, but Hrolf was not moved far enough in turn 7 to be able to score, thus went for a completion and 1 SPP instead.

A lot of bad mojo affected coach Paratus' dice rolls this match, failing both critical GFI moves and "could be matchwinning" dodges. Even double skulls and rerolled onedice blocks turning up as skulls where a common sight tonight.

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