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Mar. 22nd, 2008
Zebrano Zephyrs performed miserably against Bordellaux Broncos.

Their ball handling capability would make any Khemri team ashamed;

Their blocking ability would make any snotling team laugh;

Their agility and movement suggested that they were all treemen...

Hannibal Hector changed his tactics to the easiest of "quick pass"-tactics with a RR handy, 2 dice blocks with block-skill and 3 dice blocks without any skill, but not even this worked out for Zebrano Zephyrs.

His final comments in the elves wardrobe after the match were:

"You can all z@d off back to your verdammten wood!!! You have nothing at all to do on a Blood Bowl pitch!!! You are not juzt a dizgrace to your own race; You´re a dizgrace für all bipeds in ze Old World!!!"
- Hannibal Hector
Mar. 19th, 2008
Slowly the team has grown better, and after some initial defeats we have now understood the basic consepts of the game and learned the skills necessery to master it. Now the team has enough gold to hire the professional War Dancer Antti Over, which we hope will boost our team to further victories.
- Hannibal Hector
Feb. 29th, 2008
Pro Football is fast
and very violent. Sometimes, when Bordellaux Broncos kicked, we weren´t even ready! They swarmed our side of the field and got hold of the ball, dispite the fact that they had it last drive, and this drive we were supposed to have the ball.

As an answar to all the violence, Pekka Juovuksissa on our team now trains hard on grappling aggressive offenders and Ari Bengt Hölmö trains for the painfull task of guarding the Line Of Scrimmage for us. In some time more elves are required to help him with this important and under-valued task, but so far Hazel Top is pleased. Hazel Top is by the way very tempted by the moist, fertile soil conditions on the field, and have been tempted to take root on the pitch more than once.

We are quite pleased with a draw in our second game of Blood Bowl ever, especially since we until now have been completely without skills (Hazel Top excepted).
- Hannibal Hector
Zebrano Zephyrs
Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Hannibal Hector

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